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DrivePad Teen Driving Log


Did you just get your Learner's Permit? Need to log some driving hours?Well now with DrivePad, teenagers can do just that by easily logging hours on a per-session basis, and then print out the data in a nicely formatted layout with ease.
DrivePad is an application that was designed for teenagers who have just received their Learner's Permit, as they need to log a certain amount of hours of driving in order to receive their full Driver's License.(ex. 50 hours RI, 40 hours in Massachusetts, etc.)
Notable Features:> First time Profile Setup (Goal Hours Email and Driver Name)> Google Drive Backup & Restore> Vinli OBDII Integration> Clean and Colorful UI> Many UI themes to choose from > User can check and track their current progress at anytime (Progress bar percentages, Log viewer, etc.) > Manual entry option (can also be for teens that have already filled out a paper log and want to use the app)> Easily email the log to yourself with the click of a button (app automatically fills in the email information for you)> Multiple file formats for export available (such as .txt and .rtf)> Free Updates> Full Settings Menu > Editable Profile> Print your log in a nice clear and compact layout.> And more...